Karen Marzo

Finding Karen Marzo

Greetings friends!

All things in life have a purpose.  My X-husband and I are good friends and have booth remarried and have great futures ahead of us!

That being said, on June 24, 2011 I married the man of my dreams, joyous present and exuberant future!  I married Darwin Perkins PhD.  With that marriage I also changed my name from Marzo to Perkins and also received my PhD shortly after.  And YES… I have been flying high since meeting this man!

2013-02-23 07.47.08

So you may now find information on me as well as most of my past posts and all future posts on my new wordpress.com site and visit my website as well.

Blogs:  drkarenperkins.wordpress.com

Website:  www.dr-perkins.com

I look forward to hearing from you!


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